What are your rates?
Every wedding is different. And we approach them differently. Contact us, and let us know about your big day! We'll get back to you as soon as we can with more info on pricing and our approach:)

Do you travel for weddings or lifestyle shoots?
Absolutely! If you’re planning a wedding overseas or in another state we’ll shoot your wedding near or far. Let us know where your wedding will take place and we'll put together a travel specific package for you. We’ll take care of all travel arrangements, most travel costs cover airfare, and two nights lodging:)

Do you have insurance?
Yes!  We have liability insurance covered up to 2 million dollars.

What type of equipment do you use?
We shoot with Canon 5d Mark III's and professional lenses.  We prefer using available light. lit by our friend the sun! But on the occasion that we need to use lights we have flashes, and strobes. We also have plenty of backup equipment, just in case. 

Can my family and friends order photos from you? And is there a time limit for ordering?
Yes. We have an online store or “Print Shop”, where friends and family can view the images, pick sizes, and color options.  Your images will be online for 6 months. Before we take them down, we will notify you, and offer an extension.

What happens if the wedding/reception lasts longer than the scheduled time? Will you stay longer? Is there an extra charge?
We will not leave you at your reception. Although we do have a time limit, if we go over the time and we feel we haven’t covered what we agreed upon before hand we will stay and finish up those shots.  If we have covered everything and you would like us to stay longer we can continue to shoot at our hourly rate.

What happens if you are ill, or cannot make it to the wedding?
*Knocking on wood!* We hope this never happens, but we do have a great network of photographers and second shooters that we trust to give you the best images possible if there is an emergency. We hope this never happens.

When can I expect our drive of photos?
We provide immediate downloads to all of our clients at the time of online presentation. For our flash drive boxes with 100 prints we send those out approx 10 days after the selection of your 100 prints.