This is your page. From here you can check to see which products remain in your package, link to your proof gallery, and album design, or request your digital negatives.

***This page will be removed when your proof gallery expires***


Remaining Items In Your Package

1) Digital Negatives - Engagement (via download)

2) Digital Negatives - Wedding (via flash drive & download)

** Digital Negatives must be requested below

Client Portal

Your client portal is where we hold all of your contact information, contract(s), event information, and any paid or outstanding invoices. You can view (and update your information) on this page. Just follow the link below.

 password - 435ABA6E

Proof Gallery

These are the photos from your day! We take lots of time to compile a great series of images that tell the story of your day. These are slightly edited but not fine tuned. They do not represent our final handcrafted prints. 

Ordering - Ordering directly from the proof gallery is simple! Just find your favorite shot, decide whether you want it in black and white or in color, select your size, and put it in the shopping cart. From here you can select your crop, and when you're all done just checkout. It's secure, and fast!

If you would like to order other products from the proof gallery just follow the instructions on how to do so when you checkout. 

***proof galleries are online for 180 days from the moment we post them. You can extend the gallery three more months for $50.00 fee. If you decide you want to order prints after the proof gallery has been taken offline there will be a $50.00 fee.***

password: macdonald


Each album starts with 10 spreads (20 pages.) We pre-design albums for more than 10 spreads (20 pages.) You are in no way obligated to purchase these spreads.

1) Editing Your Album : When you are ready to edit your album, click the triangle icon and begin commenting on each spread you would like to alter (please refer to proof gallery and provide exact file #'s when commenting on spreads), and click the "send my comments" button after all needed spreads are commented on. At this point if you have not already ordered an album we will ask for a $100 deposit to start work on your album. This $100 will go towards the total cost of the album.

2) Additional Rounds of Edits : You have two rounds of complimentary edits. You shouldn't need more than those rounds, however for some reason if you need to make edits after these rounds there will be a $75 fee for each spread (two pages) edited beyond the two rounds.

3) Requesting Your Album : Once we start getting towards your final approval you can go to our Album Request Form. And select the size, color, and quantity of your album(s.) Once you've requested and approved your album, we will send you an invoice for the total (if there is a balance.) Once received we will send to print.

***Album Designs will be available to be edited for 180 days from the time your images are released. After 180 days there will be a $175 fee.***

Digital Negatives

You will need to request your digital negatives before we upload or ship it out. For more information on what your digital negatives are please check out our Digital Negative Info page.

***By requesting your drive you are approving your images.***

All of the photos in your proof gallery are safe and sound, and you will still be able to order prints and products after you request your drive:)