elizabeth+brandon-engagement, atlantic city (philadelphia wedding photographers)

We had the best time with these guys! When we had booked their wedding (which will be at the amazing Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope) we knew that this would be an amazing engagement session. At our first meeting Elizabeth already had a "carnival" in mind for their session. The Jersey shore was also very important to them since they had met on the shore. Elizabeth tells the story that her and Brandon met at a bar, and Elizabeth was immediately attracted because he looked like Bon Jovi! LOL, the best! The only "I look like so-and-so famous" I got, is Danny Bonaduce. NOT a compliment! Anyway, I'm no Bon Jovi look alike, but we do have some super cool photos...

I have been in some awkward positions shooting. High places (kerri+damians silo), in the middle of the road with traffic, high ledges,  you name it. But standing up straight in a moving ferris wheel, was a little unnerving!

She won the pink pig! For real!

Cotton Candy tastes SO good for the first 2 minutes....Then you get a little sticky.... Then you get a stomach ache!

Ahhh, the Taj!

What you don't see here, is me and Lauren yelling, trying to get Elizabeth and Brandon to throw bread over their shoulders for the seagulls to collect... C'mon, it was fun!

These guys were amazing all day...With us saying "go in for a kiss" every 30 seconds. And right on cue, kiss.

Don't let me forget naturals too! We gave a little direction, and they took it beyond!

I've said this once or twice before....but I'll say it again. WE HAVE THE BEST CLIENTS IN THE WORLD! After finishing up the session we sat back, relaxed, ate some dinner, had a cold beverage, and shared stories. Elizabeth and Brandon, we are SOO stoked for your wedding in the fall. And we're serious.... whenever you guys take a day off and ride the Harley up to  New Hope give a ring-a-ding!