Photo Friendly Wedding Tips - Getting Ready

We're back with the second part to our Photo Friendly Wedding Tips! In the last part of this series we talked about putting together your timeline, and delegating responsibilities to others. If you missed it, you can check it out here. We got a huge amount of positive response from people, and are excited to share these getting ready tips today.

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5 Tips For Unbelievable Getting Ready Photos

Of course, it all starts here! It's the beginning of your day, and you'll be feeling all sorts of different emotions. A lot of people, family, friends and your wedding vendors, will be coming and going.  Most likely you'll be asked more questions during this time than any other time of the day. But, if planned properly, you can allow the wedding pros to do what they do best, and YOU can relax with some champagne and spend time with friends and family getting pampered.


The most important factor in pulling off great getting ready photos is finding the best space you can. There are different types of locations that you should consider for this fun part of your day. Typical hotel rooms, and some venue provided rooms, often don't provide the best light or large enough space for prep. So if you can, we recommend looking into other options.

1) Air BnB/Private residence

A well lit, and fairly modern or unique AirBnB is a great option, and a lot are pretty affordable. This will give you the most flexibility, and space to allow you to pull off the other tips listed in this post.

2) Venue Provided Space

Many venues will have a designated space for you to get ready in. Some are perfect and gorgeous, while others can be small, dark, and have bad (fluorescent) lighting. If you plan to be getting ready in a venue provided space, and the space isn't right. Look for other rooms or spaces at the venue that you can use. Most venues will be accommodating.

3) Hotel

If you're not able to do an AirBnB we suggest a hotel room that is large, and might have multiple spaces or rooms, where you can stash the clutter. If none of these options work, we might be able to do your finishing touches of getting ready outside, as we love these moments, and prefer to do them in the best/softest light possible, without distractions.


If possible, plan to get ready in a room(s) with lots of window light. We always prefer to turn all lights off and rely only on window light whenever possible! So when hair and makeup arrive ask to get this done in front of a good sized window so that we can get the best light for photos AND the hair and makeup can utilize the natural light as well (and they'll thank you!.)

The same goes for putting on your dress. A clean room (or corner of a room) near a good sized window is best for these photos. Prior to the day, try to figure out where the best spots will be, but don't think TOO much into it. As long as we have a non-cluttered room with natural "window light" we're good to go!


Getting Ready Cheat Sheet


5 Tips For Unbelievable Getting Ready Photos

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We know there is a lot going on. Clutter is natural when you get a bunch of people in the same place with luggage, clothes, drinks and food. And you know what? Some clutter is alright. It sometimes can help us tell the story of your day. But, do plan to keep bags, suitcases, laundry, etc in a closet or in another room.

Of course we can always help keep things tidy when we're there. However we recommend assigning a bridesmaid or two (maybe a sister or brother if you're not having a wedding party) to take on the responsibility of keeping the getting ready areas clear of clutter throughout the time that we're there. Then all you have worry about is relaxing and enjoying this part of your wedding day.


One of the first things we do when we arrive, after (of course) saying hi, giving high-fives and catching up, is to grab shots of all of the details that we can before the day REALLY gets rolling. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

- The dress and shoes (Don't forget about the hanger. A plain wood one is great!)

- Invitation suite (including sprigs of greens and/or flowers from an arrangement)

- Rings

- Wedding party gifts

- Boutonnieres

- Other details (watch, jewelry, cufflinks, etc.)

If these items are ALL in one place it certainly will save a lot of time.

#5 Buck Tradition

Do. You.

There is no reason to do things like everyone else. If you don't mind seeing each other before your ceremony, think about getting ready together. It's a slow, intimate time that you might find is one of the best parts of your day. And while you're at it, think about any other wedding traditions that might not fit exactly how YOU want YOUR day to go. There are no rules here! Have fun, let it go, and enjoy your day!