The Other Residents of our Town

This is just a quickie little post of some fun little creatures we've found recently around town :)

This isn't the most "creative" photo, but look at that wild turkey!!!  They are seriously large birds!

OK.  Now was guy was a MASSIVE spider.  I don't really mind spiders that much (Matty on the other hand, well....) but this spider was literally the size of a sharpie marker!  It was nuts and then right after this shot it ran into a hole in the wall on the side of the house and we freaked!!  I'm usually very nice to spiders but I had Matty's shoe in hand if I spotted it in the house, fortunately the hole didn't go through to the inside-thank goodness!!!

Thanks for looking!  Any thoughts to share?  maybe your own "large spider" story to share? ;)

Have a great weekend!