Lindsay+Kerrick - Quickpic Wedding! (Monrovia, Ca)

Lauren, Quinn, I, and most of my immediate family took a trip out to LA for our cousin Kerrick's wedding. We were soo excited to visit where I grew up till I was 9. I still remember soo much! It was great to be there, to see family, and sights I haven't seen for a very long time. It really all came back to me, and it doesn't seem like I was gone for all that long.

Kerrick and Lindsay really wanted to get married in the mountains which they enjoy so much. So that Friday we drove up and they got married in an impromptu ceremony off of one of their favorite trails, and then on Saturday they went all out on a more traditional event! But the greatest thing is that everyone (family and guests) pitched in to make the wedding happen. Even filling sand bags to protect the dance floor in case it rained!

What a great time. I even managed to snap a few during our stay...

To Kerrick and Lindsay... Thank you so much for allowing us to share your day with you!