Cullen's Birth

This is a very overdue post but it is so important I wanted to share it anyway (even though our tiny baby is now huge and almost 4 months old!!) We are so unbelievably lucky and grateful for our beautiful family and are honored to share this moment with all of you. We had a perfect, and very fast (2.5 hour labor!!), delivery of our newest baby boy, Cullen Potter Morrissey on Thanksgiving night.  This sweet boy was speed racing into this world but he let me enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at least!

My first contraction didn't happen until the drive home from visiting with my family.  From that point on it was pretty crazy and hectic, but I was able to read a story to Quinn and tuck him into bed (only to have to wake him up to be carried to my parents car 30 minutes later!)  My contractions quickly became a painful and, an almost unbearable, 2 minutes apart about 45 minutes after that first contraction in the car.  This baby was definitely ready to make his way into the world so after a few back and forth phone calls with my midwife (and a very nervous Matt telling me we really should go to the hospital), we sped the 20 minutes there and got into our room only to be told I had to wait because my midwife hadn't yet arrived.  The poor labor and delivery nurse kept telling me to hold on but sitting on the edge of the bed ready to "catch him" in case he came before she arrived.  Not too much later I was given the go ahead from my midwife and less than 20 minutes later Cullen arrived and we couldn't have been more happy and relieved.  6lbs 3oz. and a full head of blonde hair, this little guy has made our family complete.