Maddie+Dan's Lambertville New Jersey Wedding

Life sometimes just gets away from us! You get so consumed with daily tasks, and events that you forget to stop and recognize where you are, what you're doing, or where you're going... That's how the past couple of months have been for us. We've been house shopping, going to school events, and working hard, to you know, get work:) Everyday seemed to mesh into the other, and if it wasn't for the occasional shoot here and there, I'm not sure if we could have held onto our sanity. LOL! However, the days are getting longer, and WARMER, and Spring has truly awakened us, and it feels like a "new beginning." 

It's like the days, weeks, and months leading up to a wedding. You're concerned with your daily life, on top of your guest list, invites, the flowers, relatives travel arrangements, and everything else that goes along with planning a wedding. The days blend together, and sometimes it can feel like you're losing time... Until that moment you're standing across from your partner and best friend, saying your vows, and BAM! You're looking at the rest of your lives together. A new chapter in your lives, a "new beginning." 

On a hot August day in 2016...